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Imagine Aquaponics Consulting for Green Phoenix Farms

Several months ago, Imagine Aquaponics was contracted to create a 3D plumbing design for a project by Green Phoenix Farms in Texas. Believe it or not, this is a “personal system” for a client of Green Phoenix!
The first two images are screen shots from the 3D CAD file Imagine AP created.
As you can see in the other two images, our friend and colleague Adam Cohen has done a spectacular job implementing it, and it’s been amazing watching it all come to life.

Aerial View WM

Index Valve Plumbing

Index Valve 1 ScreenShot WM

Index Valve AND Plumbing

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Aquaponics Institute Training Update

AI Ouroboros Announcement Poster

The Aquaponics Institute training at Stillheart Institute and Ouroboros Farms was such a wonderful event.  So many good people in attendance.

AI at Stillheart - Group Photo

Molly & I taught the sessions on Vegetative Plants, Fruiting & Flowering Plants, Horticultural Lighting, Fish, & Integrated Pest Management.

Induction Light Test 400w 2800K Day 39

Induction Light Test 400w 2800K Lettuce Roots Day 25

Tomato Trichomes Day 32 Tomatoes Day 82 Tomatoes

25 - IMG_7307

Murray Hallam taught AP Basics,  Water Chemistry, & presented on his new commercial system design.

Murray With Harvested AP Plants Murray Hallam Lecturing on His System

Aleece Landis gave hands on demonstrations onsite at Ouroboros Farms on Plumbing and Small System Design.

Aleece Teaching at Ouroboros

Ken Armstrong presented on the Financial Feasibility of Commercial Aquaponics.

Ken Armstrong at Pescadero Ouroboros

Jessica Patton and Rachael Van Liefde gave a presentation on how they deal with their vegetable crops from start to harvest to prepping for sale.

Kenji Snow presented on proper composting methods and use of compost tea.

Kenji Spraying Compost Tea

Mike Cosmo presented on his history with the Alchemy Institute, one of the early pioneers of modern aquaponics.

Pedro Casas presented on his amazing aquaponics farm in Puerto Rico.

Agriponicos Consechos 1

Agriponicos Consechos 5

Agriponicos Consechos 4

As a bonus, there were additional presentations from professionals in the hydroponic & organics industry during the evening hours.

Among the students enrolled were current AP professionals Jon Parr (Viridis Aquaponics/Fishnet Aquaponics), Adam Cohen (Green Phoenix Farms), and Steven Looi (Upstream Aquaponics).

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Happy 2013!

“One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe … Continue reading

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Tomatoes under Induction Lighting (CEA Trial)

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Tomato plants grown under 400w/2800k Induction Lamp.  Controlled Environment Agriculture.                                                             … Continue reading

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