Imagine Aquaponics has consulted on many small and large scale systems.  For services and costs, contact us.

Our clients can be complete novices or already established farmers needing information to improve upon their current system or methods.  It doesn’t need to involve aquaponics!  We have experience that can be used toward improving soil gardens/farms, community development, etc.  If is has to do with plants, fish, lighting, chemistry and many other areas of expertise, chances are good that we can help.

A few examples of the professionals we have had the pleasure of working with include:

Ken Armstrong – Owner at Ouroboros Farms:  

“Ouroboros Farms has worked with Imagine Aquaponics for over a year. In that time, Imagine AP has proven their knowledge and expertise by assisting with numerous areas of our aquaponics system … Ouroboros has benefited from our relationship with Imagine Aquaponics and wholeheartedly recommends their services.”

JD & Tawnya Sawyer – Owners at Colorado Aquaponics: Consulted with JD on a feasibility studies involving horticultural lighting at Flourish Farms and the Denver County Jail.

Adam Cohen – Owner at Green Phoenix Farms: Consulted with Adam on the design of several systems, including the 3D plumbing schematic for his current project in Texas.

Jay Wolf –  Founder & Chief Organic Officer at HerbAn Fish, LLC: Consulted with Jay on Horticultural Lighting, Water Chemistry, Pest Management, Nutrient Deficiencies.

“I’ve known Jesse since the early stages of my own business. He is very knowledgeable in aquaponics and has been a tremendous help to me with my farm. I love his problem solving skills and that he is always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for advice.”

Kenji Snow – Professional Aquaponic Farmer:

“I first worked with Jesse when he was hired to consult for a new aquaponic farm I started in California in 2012. He was extremely detailed and provided excellent recommendations for issues we were having. His solutions were easy to understand, accurate and effective … Jesse’s thorough knowledge of water chemistry, plant nutrient needs and pest management makes him a go to person in our industry.”

Stephanie Harling – Executive Director, Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation: Consulted with Stephanie on Raised bed design and construction for a community garden.

“Jesse was an integral part of the Havenwoods team that built an adaptable garden for seniors and those with physical limitations …. This design opened up the world of gardening for seniors in the Milwaukee area that could not have done it without this adaptive design. Jesse also used this as a teaching opportunity for our youth crew to learn about agriculture, rainwater harvesting, and construction. This was truly an intergenerational project.”

Gretchen Mead – Founding Director at Victory Garden Initiative: Consulted with Gretchen on plant pathogen management.

“Victory Garden Initiative had a fungus problem at one of our community gardens following a severe rain. Jesse prepared and sprayed high quality compost tea on the infected plants and saved the season!”

Jared Hoffmann – Production Planning Specialist, Master Data Management at Barilla Group:

“Jesse Hull is an extremely humble, intelligent, and motivated worker. During my time with Sweet Water Organics, Jesse was willing to openly share the knowledge he and Sweet Water Organics had obtained in aquaponics with myself and my team of college students from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Together with Jesse’s help, we were able to successfully export the brilliant technology of aquaponics to a missionary orphanage in the third world at Jacmel, Haiti. After a year of state-side preparation with Jesse and the Sweet Water Organics team, our engineering group was able to implement a 2,000 gallon ebb and flow aquaponic system at Faith Orphanage.”


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