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Jesse Hull and Molly Stanek, founders of Imagine Aquaponics have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in food production and farming, particularly within urban settings.

With over 20 years experience in horticulture, Jesse Hull performed extensive beta-testing for the hydroponic, aquaculture, & horticultural lighting industries.  With a heavy focus on research and development, he considers testing the latest innovations to be a crucial component of his work.

Hydro-Organic Eggplant under H2O-Cooled 1000w HID

Jesse earned degrees in Ceramic Chemistry, Metalsmithing, and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. While in school, he traveled extensively across the U.S., as well as to Europe and Africa, building homes, hydroponic & soil gardens, farms, and irrigation systems. Jesse worked for six years with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program, taking part in several natural disaster relief efforts.

Jesse’s introduction to aquaponics resulted from trials with hydro-organics and water filtration methods, during which time he combined mechanically and biologically filtered waste from fish, rabbits, kelp, and rock powders to create natural nutrient sources for hydroponic plant systems that could compete with the quality, growth rate, and yields resulting from synthetic (petroleum derived) fertilizer use.

In 2009, Jesse performed a horticultural lighting evaluation for the 70,000 gallon system at Sweet Water Organics, an urban aquaponics farm in Milwaukee, WI.  It was shortly after this that Jesse was offered stock in the company and a position with Sweet Water as the Director of Horticulture, Research & Development.

Molly joined Jesse as the Assistant Director of Horticulture, R&D in 2010.  Molly’s background in biology and process engineering made her a great asset.

Jesse & Molly worked with experienced staff in advancing and maintaining one of the first large scale artificially-lit indoor/greenhouse outdoor urban aquaponics facilities.  Sweet Water was featured in several news stories including the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, & NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Wall St. Journal Photo 1

Jesse & Molly started Imagine Aquaponics immediately after leaving Sweet Water Organics in 2011, two years prior to the unfortunate financial decisions that ultimately caused Sweet Water to fail.  They became founding officers in the Aquaponics Association, were included in (and asked to proof read) the two best selling books on the subject, contributed to the aquaponic training manuals of several different groups, and spoke at events regarding the benefits of aquaponics. This was in addition to consulting and designing systems for people interested in starting aquaponic and hydroponic farms.

Aerial View WM Index Valve Plumbing Index Valve 1 ScreenShot WM Index Valve AND Plumbing

Ouroboros DWC Runs

For more than five years, they have taught internationally attended workshops across the US alongside some of the biggest names in the aquaponics & hydroponics industry, focusing on crop production, aquaculture, horticultural lighting, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), plant and fish pathogen control, & water chemistry.



Tent presentation2

Jesse & Molly continue testing horticulture and aquaculture products and exploring the limits of aquaponics in Imagine AP’s controlled environment test lab.  The information gathered is used in our consulting and in our training events.

Day 82 Tomatoes Day 32 Tomatoes Induction Light Test 400w 2800K Day 39 SAMSUNG

Applying their experience in commercial system design, Molly & Jesse are currently also creating educational systems in their local Milwaukee area.

Molly Working at Hawley Greenhouse Feb 2013 Jesse Working at Hawley February 2013
System BVC Interview - 2

Molly & Jesse BVC Interview

Molly and Jesse are currently seeking funding to establish  an urban food production system incorporating everything that they have learned over the last +20 years where they can provide fresh locally produced fish and vegetables to the community, and continue their successful consulting and training work.

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