Aquaponics Training

Jesse & Molly have been teaching internationally attended workshops across the US alongside some of the biggest names in the aquaponics & hydroponics industry.  With over 20 years experience involving synthetic hydroponic & soil farming, organic hydroponic & soil farming, aquaculture, horticultural lighting, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), plant and fish pathogen control, & water chemistry, we strive to give our students everything they need to succeed in either hobby or commercial farming pursuits.

We are honored to have been a part of training seminar & conference groups which included:

Murray Hallam, Practical Aquaponics

Rob Torcellini – Bigelow Brook Farm

Rob Nash – Austin Aquaponics

Meg Stout – The Aquaponics Association, 365 Aquaponics

Gina Cavaliero – Green Acres Aquaponics, Inc

Sylvia Bernstein – The Aquaponics Source

Aleece Landis, Aquaponic Lynx, LLC

Pedro Casas, Agroponicos Cosecha de Puerto Rico

Charlie Price – Aquaponics UK

Ken Armstrong – Ouroboros Farms

Jessica Patton – Ouroboros Farms

Pierre Beauchamp – Del Oro Aquaponics

Attendees of training events we have taught at are pivotal figures in the aquaponics industry. These include:

Adam Cohen – Green Phoenix Farms

Sylvia Bernstein – The Aquaponics Source

Jon Parr – Fishnet Aquaponics, Viridis Aquaponics

Kenji Snow – Ouroboros Farms, Viridis Aquaponics

Ken Armstrong & Jessica Patton- Ouroboros Farms

Steven Looi – Upstream Aquaponics


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