References & Letters of Support

Ken Armstrong – Owner at Ouroboros Farms:

“Ouroboros Farms has worked with Imagine Aquaponics for over a year. In that time, ImagineAP has proven their knowledge and expertise by assisting with numerous areas of our aquaponics system, including:

  • system water temperature heating assessment and recommendations
  • system water test analysis and guidance
  • pH adjustment procedure development
  • plant nutrient deficiency identification
  • compost teas and nutrient amendment direction
  • propagation area design
  • energy conserving light procedures
  • pest and pathogen identification and control methods and procedure development
  • organic fish food sourcing

Ouroboros has benefited from our relationship with Imagine Aquaponics and wholeheartedly recommends their services.”

Murray Hallam – Founder at Practical Aquaponics:

“Molly has the most amazing information which she delivers very professionally to the seminar attendees. We have worked together more than once. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. “

Sylvia Bernstein – President, The Aquaponic Source:

“Jesse has impressed me enormously not only as a gifted aquaponics designer and technician, but also as an industry professional and leader. He did an incredible job in a very difficult situation at Sweet Water Organics, and was one of the primary reasons why that organization garnered the reputation that it has. As a result Jesse has a terrific reputation in the aquaponics industry as a guy who really knows his stuff.
I have also heard Jesse speak on aquaponics and he was so effective that we invited him to be a speaker at our upcoming Aquaponics Association conference.
Jesse’s passion, dedication, and extensive aquaponics background make it easy to recommend him for any aquaponics related venture that he pursues. “

Daniel Halsey – Designer, Teacher, & Director at Permaculture Research Institute Southwoods:

“Jesse Hull is a highly professional and focused individual. I had the pleasure of working with Jesse during the summer of 2012 and found him to not only be knowledgeable but an extremely creative problem solver. He understands the concepts, mechanics, and the many details to support a successful operation. His past experience as an entrepreneur and business owner have given him the skills for managing and developing the infrastructure required for successful business.”

Gretchen Mead – Founding Director at Victory Garden Initiative:

“Victory Garden Initiative had a fungus problem at one of our community gardens following a severe rain. Jesse prepared and sprayed high quality compost tea on the infected plants and saved the season!”

Mario Spatafora – Co-founder at 321 Aquaponics & AMB Eco, LLC:

“Molly is a great source of knowledge in the fields of aquaponics and urban agriculture. My firm has relied on her and Imagine Aquaponics’ expertise in planning and evaluating the feasibility of large-scale urban farming projects, and will continue to do so moving forward.”

Ryan Bourbon – Engineering Technician, Briggs and Stratton (Former Water Chemist for Sweet Water Organics Aquaponics Facility): 

“Jesse was an exceptional individual to work with. He is very knowledgeable and has great leadership skills. As well as being highly motivated Jesse was always aware of everyone else and understood how his actions could effect others. I would always accept an opportunity to work with Jesse again.”

Stephanie Harling – Executive Director, Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation:

“Jesse was an integral part of the Havenwoods team that built an adaptable garden for seniors and those with physical limitations. Jesse’s role was to assist in the design and installation of 17 adaptive gardening beds with amenities that included waist high beds, benches affixed to each garden bed, and a self watering system. This design opened up the world of gardening for seniors in the Milwaukee area that could not have done it without this adaptive design. Jesse also used this as a teaching opportunity for our youth crew to learn about agriculture, rainwater harvesting, and construction. This was truly an intergenerational project.”

Aleece Landis – Managing Member at Aquaponic Lynx LLC:

“Jesse has been key in teaching me more about water chemistry and plant nutrition as applied to aquaponics. I would recommend hiring Imagine Aquaponics for help in evaluating water quality at intended commercial aquaponic sites. For Struggling Aquaponic Operations Jesse can help evaluate water test results and recommend appropriate course of action to bring the systems back into productive functioning.”

Lesley Zylstra – 5th Grade Teacher & Administrative Council Member, Hawley Environmental School:

“During our initial meeting, I gave Jesse Hull and Molly Stanek a tour of our school. I showed them the other 5th grade classroom and the indoor greenhouse that is attached to that classroom. I shared my dream that someday the greenhouse could have an aquaponics system working as well.  By January, 2014 Imagine Aquaponics had secured a grant for the complete redesign and construction of our greenhouse to aquaponics, and had even begun construction within a couple weeks. I am amazed at what they have been able to accomplish to date.

The experience of working with Imagine Aquaponics has been so delightfully engaging. They are professional, always prepared when we meet, and I see evidence each time of the work they have done since we last met.

My partner teacher and I have commented that Imagine Aquaponics has made this endeavor easy, as well as educational. As classroom teachers we have many responsibilities and are pulled in many directions daily, but we have found the knowledge and consistency of Imagine Aquaponics to make for a truly supportive team. It seems to me that they could focus their efforts on working in school systems and the community at large would benefit!”

Ethan Brazell – Imagine Aquaponics Student & School Administrator, Elwyn Davidson School:

“I am a school administrator (former science teacher) at the Elwyn Davidson School in Media, Pennsylvania where I have been employed for sixteen years. I am writing this letter on behalf of Jesse Hull and Molly Stanek at Imagine Aquaponics. I had the pleasure of attending Jesse and Molly’s presentations on water chemistry, horticultural lighting, and integrated pest management in September of 2012 while attending an aquaponics training course in Orlando, FL. I found the information they delivered was clear, well organized, and precise.  Their engaging presentation included incredible original photographs & videos to support the information they were delivering. The folks in attendance came from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, and I was particularly impressed with Jesse and Molly’s ability to adapt their message as necessary. They quickly repackaged information and delivered it (on-the-fly) in such a way that could be appreciated by all the students/ learners that were present. Considering the highly-technical nature of the information, this was an impressive feat.

 I believe that aquaponics and similar technologies are the key to a future of pure, healthy food in our country, and that teaching and training our young people in these technologies will ensure that they are ready and willing to leave school with the tools and skills necessary to join this growing movement.  I am confident that Jesse and Molly’s skills would be a true asset to any program or school that is looking to train their students in the most current, environmentally appropriate application of aquaponics and associated “green” technology.”

Steven Looi – Imagine Aquaponics Student & Owner at ‘UpStream Aquaponics':

“In early 2013 I had the opportunity to learn about aquaponics from Jesse and Molly at Imagine Aquaponics. The training was more than thorough and was all I needed to come back and build the system we use at upStream Aquaponics. Jesse is also incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, there have been numerous occasions where I’ve needed technical support and Imagine Aquaponics has always been there. For anyone looking for aquaponics education or consulting, I would HIGHLY recommend Jesse and Molly at Imagine Aquaponics!”

Sarah Taber – Director of Food Safety at The Aquaponics Association:

“Jesse is one of the few aquaponic specialists I’ve found who has a background in commercial horticulture. Combined with his real-world experience working in multiple aquaponic facilities, this gives him knowledge about how to make these systems work that few people can match.  I’ve found him to be insightful, helpful, and very easy to work with. Next time something comes up I’ll definitely be calling him again.

Brian Fricano – Founder/CEO at Sustainable Supply:

“I’ve known Jesse for over 15 years and he brings an incredible amount of passion and dedication to the projects he’s involved with. He’s a great project manager, process improver, and system designer. I would strongly recommend Jesse as a business partner or service provider.”

Jay Wolf –  Founder & Chief Organic Officer, HerbAn Fish, LLC:

“I’ve known Jesse since the early stages of my own business. He is very knowledgeable in aquaponics and has been a tremendous help to me with my farm. I love his problem solving skills and that he is always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for advice.”

Kenji Snow – Professional Aquaponic Farmer:

“I first worked with Jesse when he was hired to consult for a new aquaponic farm I started in California in 2012. He was extremely detailed and provided excellent recommendations for issues we were having. His solutions were easy to understand, accurate and effective. I had the pleasure of working with him again in 2013 while teaching a course for the Aquaponic Institute. Jesse’s classes were heavily attended and informative. Jesse’s thorough knowledge of water chemistry, plant nutrient needs and pest management makes him a go to person in our industry.”

Tom Knoll – Head of Inside Sales at ThreadSuite (Former Head of Replication & Consultancy Services for Sweet Water Organics Aquaponics Facility):

“In a field that is just taking off [commercial-scale aquaponics], Jesse’s designs – emphasizing productive capacity, efficiency, and quality control – constitute some of the most cutting-edge in the industry. Beyond that, he’s just a really good guy to work with.”

Mike Cosmo – Creator at PlanetStewards:

“We have hired Molly Stanek several times for her amazing work in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). She has been one of the favorite presenters at several of our International Aquaponics trainings.”

Milad Shabo – Imagine Aquaponics Student & Owner of ‘Leafy Fish':

“Molly and Jesse equate to a combination of complete knowledge of AQUAPONICS. Bug, Light presentations are on POINT. The balance in their presentations is one of true understanding, of which they reference, and present information they gather from their own on hands experience. Truly remarkable.”

Jared Hoffmann – Production Planning Specialist, Master Data Management at Barilla Group:

“Jesse Hull is an extremely humble, intelligent, and motivated worker. During my time with Sweet Water Organics, Jesse was willing to openly share the knowledge he and Sweet Water Organics had obtained in aquaponics with myself and my team of college students from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Together with Jesse’s help, we were able to successfully export the brilliant technology of aquaponics to a missionary orphanage in the third world at Jacmel, Haiti. After a year of state-side preparation with Jesse and the Sweet Water Organics team, our engineering group was able to implement a 2,000 gallon ebb and flow aquaponic system at Faith Orphanage.”

Sarah Meyer – Imagine Aquaponics Student:

“Jesse is an awesome, knowledgeable presenter who makes the information shown easy to assimilate and take home to use in your own garden. Molly is a fine presenter and her photographic expertise is invaluable.”

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