Thank you for your interest in Imagine Aquaponics.   We are excited to share our progress and relevant news as we move forward with our new venture.

Jesse Hull & Molly Stanek

Co-founders, Imagine Aquaponics

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5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Hey you two!!~
    Awesome website! This is great! I am very happy for you guys to finally start your own company! :) Congrats!
    I will respond on my facebook to your message you wrote us!
    Just wanted to say hi!

    Cassie and AJ

  2. Earl Ward says:

    I could not agree more the time to act is now. Local Food Will Grow local economies

  3. lily says:

    Thank you for the lettuce . It is really good . Im very intrested in local farming .count me in on any conference you may have here in town. I’ll bring my friends . I would love to get something started at my church. It was great meeting you today . Lily

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