Good things happen to those that grow.

While pulling the holiday decor off our windows, we caught a strong smell of gas in our front yard.  So we called the gas company and they sent a woman to check it out.  She ends up needing to look at our furnace, and on the way down the stairs she hears the water running and sees the light blasting out of our R&D garden room.  She pauses and looks at me out of the corner of her eye, not sure what to do…  (we get that a lot :D).  I just start laughing, take her inside and show her the huge heads of lettuce we have under the test lights, and her eyes just about pop out of her head.  By coincidence, I was harvesting the lettuce today, so I offered her some.
Turns out she just won a fight with breast cancer, and we ended up talking about nutrition, organics, Monsanto, etc for about an hour.  
Long story short, we weren't the source of the gas leak, but she stuck around and hooked up our stove (which has been out of commission since we moved in), and left with a nice 1/2 lb head of "bunny-ponic" lettuce.  
It was a good day.

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