Imagine Aquaponics Radio Spot with Susan Bence

Molly & I, and teachers/students from Hawley Environmental School will be on Wisconsin Public Radio’s ┬áLake Effect with Susan Bence tomorrow (6/11/14) for the closing segment (approximately 10:45 am) – 89.7 FM
Susan Bence will be covering the AP system Imagine Aquaponics is installing in Hawley’s rooftop greenhouse through the Aquaponics Association’s Microgrant program, and additional grants through AT&T and the National Education Association Foundation.

Molly & Jesse BVC Interview SAMSUNG Susan Bence Interview 3 - 5.16.14 SAMSUNG

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2 Responses to Imagine Aquaponics Radio Spot with Susan Bence

  1. Alexandra says:

    I use to go to that school it was awesome

    • says:

      We are really enjoying working with Hawley Environmental School. Wonderful place. Jesse was just taken on as a member of Hawley’s Governance Board.

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